All the advantages of a traditional savings account


With the freedom of the Ethereum blockchain

Our Vision


E2X is an ERC20 token which aims to combine the independence gained from storing wealth in cryptocurrency with the security and rewards of a traditional savings account, providing you with the best of both worlds. Better still, you can benefit from signing up with us with as little investment as you like, even nothing!


As a signee you will:


  • Be your own bank - secure your tokens personally without placing your trust in a third party.
  • Recieve free E2X tokens every month, distributed evenly amongst all addresses.



As a token holder (in addition to the above) you will:


  • Earn interest on the amount of E2X tokens you hold in your wallet every month.


The interest formula is embedded into the smart contract and can never be changed - even by the developer. We hope that through trust and transparency and a low token supply we will create a stable safe haven for those wanting to earn a little more from holding their crypto.




Your funds are safe in your wallet in the event of an attack on E2X. A low circulating supply and incentives for token holding ensure the price remains stable.




Benefit from a high monthly interest rate relative to saving fiat in a traditional savings account, all from merely holding E2X in your wallet and signing up.




No need to entrust your tokens to us or anyone else to benefit from holding them. They will remain in your personal wallet under your control.




Your tokens can be exchanged to ethereum with ease. As we expand, options to convert E2X into fiat and use E2X as payment for goods and services will be added as we expand.




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